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Road naming

Road naming authorities must adhere to the procedure outlined in the NSW Road Regulation 2018 when naming a public or private road.

The regulations have often been interpreted in different ways and after consultation with local governments the GNB identified the need for a clearer road naming process. Suggestions include reducing reliance on paper based correspondence and better utilising communication technologies to improve flexibility in allowing authorities to notify or be informed of road name additions and changes.

In NSW, the Geographical Names Board (GNB) must be notified of all road naming proposals. The Surveyor General can also object to any road naming proposal.

If road names are not officially and correctly recorded, this can impede the delivery of emergency and other services to residents and businesses.

The naming of roads in NSW is standardised to ensure that the process is transparent and easy to understand for regulatory bodies and members of the community. A consistent approach to road naming benefits emergency services, transport and goods and service delivery and provides opportunities for community consultation when determining road names. This process has been streamlined by the NSW Online road naming system.

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