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Aboriginal place naming

The Geographical Names Board (GNB) is committed to the reawakening, preservation, promotion of Aboriginal languages and acknowledging Aboriginal culture through place naming in New South Wales (NSW).

The Board does this by preferencing traditional Aboriginal place names or names with Aboriginal origin for geographical features in NSW. As well as restoring traditional Aboriginal names to features with introduced names through its dual naming policy, thus recognising this history and connection of both names.

The GNB holds great respect for the principle of self-determination. and places emphasis on engaging in consultation with the local Aboriginal community when considering proposing Aboriginal place names. This ensures that the chosen names are in alignment with the local language, culturally appropriate for the location on Country, and have the support of the community.

Anyone can make a proposal to the GNB to restore and recognise an Aboriginal place name, and have it officially assigned under the Geographical Names Act 1966

Through place naming, communities have the opportunity to unlock past stories, preserve traditions, and foster a sense of belonging and identity.

Assigning a place name under the Geographical Names Act 1966 does not impact other legislation or change rights or responsibilities.

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