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The Board publishes various documents which are designed to inform the community on issues concerning place names within NSW. These publications can be downloaded or are available by contacting the Board's office.


Access to the NSW Address Policy and User Manual and NSW Place Name Policy.

Addressing fact sheets

Addressing reference guides for developers, planners, surveyors, local, state and federal government data users.

Place Naming Fact sheets

GNB fact sheets provide a wide range of information including road naming procedures, place naming, property addressing and multicultural place names.


These publications detail the role of the GNB in the preservation of the history and culture of NSW, multicultural place naming, road and locality naming and other activities of the board.

Historical List of Place Names NSW

This book was compiled and meticulously handwritten in 1954 by a Lands Officer, the late Ernest C. Gleeson, and it alphabetically lists all the place names in the NSW Eastern and Central Division Parish Maps at that time. There are an estimated 22,500 name entries in this list (some of which no longer exist).

Annual reports

Annual reports of the Geographical Names Board.

Proposal System Resources

This page provides users with resources for the NSW Place and Road Naming Proposal System

GNB Place Naming Video

Video about place naming


Informative videos from GNB

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