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Place naming

Over 80,000 geographical features have already been named in NSW, however, many features still remain unnamed. The Board encourages community members to propose new names for these features.

Generally proposals should have the endorsement of the local council or the government department that administers the area where the feature is located. The name should also comply with the Board’s Place Naming Policy and Guidelines for determination of place names (PDF 60.1 KB). 

The place naming process generally follows four main steps: proposal, review, consultation and assign.

Place Naming Process 

The GNB Place Naming Process Fact Sheet provides more information.

Naming proposals should be submitted using the Board’s Place name application form (PDF 104.8 KB).

If the proposed geographical name commemorates a person the Commemorative naming form (PDF 100 KB) should also be completed and submitted.

The Board will consider these applications and, if approved, process them per the procedure outlined in the Geographical Names Act 1966.


2020 Board Meeting Dates Submission date for items to be
included in the agenda
  10 March   25 February
  5 May   21 April
  14 July   30 June
  15 September   1 September
  17 November   3 November

















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