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Proposing a place name

Anyone can submit a proposal to the Geographical Names Board to name or rename a geographical feature, however there are some steps that need to be followed before making a proposal which ensures the name assigned is appropriate and relevant to the community in which it is located. 

1. Selecting a name

Place names proposed to the Geographical Names Board must comply with the naming rules and guidelines. Please refer to the NSW Place Name Policy for the rules and guidelines for choosing a name.  

The Geographical Names Board is not responsible for naming infrastructure such as buildings, bridges or roads. For a list of what can be named please refer to the Glossary of Designation Values.

2. Determining community support

Proposed names should be shared with the community to ensure it has community support before being proposed to the Geographical Names Board. 

Local Council or Government Authority

Councils or other government authorities are encouraged to consult with the local community to determine sentiment of the new name. This could include advertising and inviting comment using:

  • Local newspapers.
  • Relevant web site.
  • Local council facilities (eg offices, libraries etc).
  • Notices to residents in the area surrounding the feature of the proposed name.
  • Notices to local progress associations

When Council submits a naming proposal, it should be supported by a Council resolution.

Members of the public

Members of the public should speak with their local council regarding the proposed name before making an application to seek Council endorsement. Any requests regarding address locality (suburb) names or boundaries should be proposed by Council.

3. Endorsement for Aboriginal place names

Naming a feature or place using Aboriginal language or a traditional Aboriginal name, requires engagement with the local Aboriginal community in the first instance. This may be the Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) or relevant Elders or Aboriginal community groups within the local area. Consultation with the local Aboriginal community is important to ensure:

  • a culturally appropriate name is chosen, 
  • the word comes from the local language group, 
  • the story and meaning behind the word is captured; and 
  • the community supports the use of the name for the feature or place.

Aboriginal place names must be endorsed by the local Aboriginal community before they can be assigned.

4. Submitting the place name proposal

Once community support has been determined and endorsement for Aboriginal place name has been received (if applicable), the name is ready to be proposed to the Geographical Names Board via the NSW Place and Road Name Proposal System.

Members of the public can propose a place name without registering for an account here: 

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