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Address components

For inquiries relating to the application of address numbering and related issues, please email the Spatial Services Addressing team:

An address is made of up of several parts with each part administered by various authorities and legislation.

Street number

The street number for an address is issued by the Local Council under the Local Government Act 1993.

Road name

A road is named by the Road Authority that maintains the road, for example the Local Council or Roads and Maritime Service. When naming a road, the naming authority must follow the processes outlined in the Roads Act 1993 and Roads Regulation 2018.

Address locality (suburb/locality)

Under the Geographical Names Act 1966 the Geographical Names Board (GNB) has a statutory responsibility to determine definitive boundaries for suburbs and localities throughout New South Wales. The GNB works closely with local government councils when defining boundaries because these boundaries affect addressing for local residents. For further information about proposing a new or amended address locality name or boundary please go to the Address Locality Naming and Boundaries page.


Australia Post are the authority in charge of assigning postcodes to suburbs and localities.

Components that make up an address

The NSW Address Policy provides information related to each of these components and an additional component, a geocode, required for the address in the NSW Address Database. For further information please refer to Section 2 of the NSW Address Policy and User Manual (PDF 6.7 MB).

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