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Information for data users

More information

Reference Guide - Addressing for data users (PDF 1.2 MB)

NSW Address Policy (PDF 183.3 KB)

NSW Addressing User Manual (PDF 3.5 MB)

Guide to the NSW Addressing User Manual

Chapter 1 - User Manual Introduction

General information which introduces the key concepts of addressing

Chapter 2 - NSW Address Policy

Overview of addressing requirements for NSW

Chapter 3 - Governance Functions and Custodianship Roles

Details of functions and roles that all stakeholders involved in addressing are expected to undertake. Data users should see section 3.4 Governance - Data users and section 3.8 - Custodianship - Data users

Chapter 4 - NSW Address Database Metadata and Attributes

Information related to address data and the NSW Address Database. Specific information on Address Grading is provided in section 4.1

Chapter 5 - Address Data Verification and Usage

Accessing and using address data

Chapter 6 - Addressing Principles

Specific information related to the assignment of address numbers, road names and locality boundaries as per the requirements of AS/NZS 4819: Rural and Urban Addressing

Chapter 7 - Addressing Procedures

Requirements for engaging with stakeholders particularly local government

Chapter 8 - Addressing Processes

Set of 7 processes which can be used to assign addresses and provide data to LPI

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