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GNB endorses NSW Address Policy

At their meeting of 31 March 2015 The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales formally endorsed the final versions of the NSW Address Policy, the NSW Retrospective Address Policy and the NSW Addressing User Manual after extensive consultation with  NSW Stakeholders.

NSW Address Policy (PDF 183.3 KB) 31 March 2015

NSW Addressing User Manual (PDF 4.4 MB) 31 March 2015

NSW Retrospective Address Policy (PDF 158.1 KB) 31 March 2015

The policies and guidelines were developed in response to the need for a quality and service-driven approach to addressing in NSW. The policy and guidelines are an extension of the AS/NZS 4819:2011 Australian and New Zealand Geographic Information - Rural and Urban Addressing Standard in order to cater to address needs in NSW.

The Board would like to thank each of the 133 Local Governments and their staff who participated in the workshops that were held in November and December 2013 and all the NSW Stakeholders who participated in workshops, online forums or responded to questionnaires. The documents replace the following artefacts previously issued by the GNB:

New South Wales Address Policy (2014)

NSW Road Naming Policy (2013)

NSW Road Naming Procedure and Processes (2013)

Guidelines for the Naming of Roads (2013)

The Naming and Addressing of Private Roads and Roads in Community Subdivisions (2013)

Road Naming in NSW (2013).

Determining Suburbs and Localities in NSW (2013)

Rural Addressing for NSW (2013)

Any entity involved in the production, aggregation, dissemination or use of address information should conduct these activities in line with the principles, procedures and processes to ensure consistent and unambiguous addressing in NSW.

The NSW Online Road Naming System has been released for use by Road Naming Authorities to support the effective use of the policy when naming roads and works hand in hand with the policy to ensure that the policies, procedures and processes are upheld throughout the process.

For more information on please contact the GNB  or T: 02 6332 8070.

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