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Current Enhancement Project

We recognise the importance of continually improving our systems to enhance user experience. A number of improvements have been identified for the NSW Place and Road Naming Proposal System (Proposal System) and are currently being developed. You will start to see these enhancements available in the Proposal System over the remainder of the year.

New features and functionality now available:

  • Road Name proposal rejection reason now viewable – Road naming authorities can now view the reason for rejection of a road name proposal including date and time of the rejection. 
  • Tab and enter keys can be used to navigate between fields on proposal form – Users can easily navigate between fields on the proposal form by using the Enter or Tab keys. 
  • Updated Gazette notice template – Gazette notice templates have been updated to remove confusion for road naming authorities.
  • Status changes for reviewing Gazette notices - When a road name proposal Gazette notice is being reviewed by the GNB, the status is updated to "Gazette Notice Under Review".
  • Origin information mandatory for pre-approval road name proposals – The original field for pre-approval road name proposals is now mandatory.
  • Improved road name proposal duplication check – Users are visually notified that a road name being proposing has been rejected within the existing LGA or surrounding LGA.
  • Default LGA information based on location selected in account – The LGA value on the various forms within the system now defaults to the LGA value selected in the users account. 

Upcoming enhancements:

  • Changes to password recovery
  • Ability to reassign notifications to other users
  • Easier viewing of road name proposals with potential issues
  • Improved email notifications

Your feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcomed and these can be sent to

Keep watching this space, there are more enhancements to come!



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