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24th October 2019
Reference:   84825
Placename:   Kunama Namadgi
Designation:   Mountain
Status:   Deferred
Geographical Name:   Mount Kosciuszko
GNB File:   GNB5975
LGA:   Snowy Monaro Regional
Approx. AGD66 Lat:   -36 27 27
Approx. AGD66 Long:   148 15 45
Approx. GDA94 Lat:   -36 27 21
Approx. GDA94 Long:   148 15 49
Topographic Map:   Perisher Valley
1:100000 Map:   Kosciuszko 8525
Parish:   Kosciuszko
County:   Wallace
Description:   Highest mountain in Australia, located within the Koscuiszko National Park in the locality of Kosciuszko.
Meaning:   Ngarigo name - snow mountain
Origin:   Ngarigo dreaming story: Baba-yin (our father) Biamee sat on this peak and sent the rivers out across the nation. Biamee has two wives Tar-gan-gil (Mount Townsend) and Kurnai (Ramshead). Biamee returns every year to the Kosciuszko summit when the snow is on the mountain.
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