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21st August 2019
Reference:   81093
Placename:   New South Wales
Designation:   State
Status:   Assigned 24th August 2001
GNB File:   GNB4841
LGA:   Bogan
Approx. AGD66 Lat:   -32 09 48
Approx. AGD66 Long:   147 01 00
Approx. GDA94 Lat:   -32 09 42
Approx. GDA94 Long:   147 01 04
Topographic Map:   Tottenham
1:100000 Map:   Tottenham 8333
Parish:   Wharfdale
County:   Flinders
Description:   For all the land bounded on the north by Queensland,on the west by South Australia, on the south by Victoria and on the east by the Pacific Ocean and including all the lands under the control of the New South Wales Government but not including the Australian Capital Territory. The Geographical Centre of New South Wales is marked by A cairn situated at Latitude S32 09 48 and Longitude E147 01 00 on the AGD66 datum. The cairn is located just off Cockies Road, 33 km west-north-west of Tottenham. This spot, south of the Fiveways Intersection is marked by a large sign, constructed for Australia's Bicentennial celebrations.
Origin:   Just before sunset on 22 August 1770 Captain James Cook declared, 'I had in the name of His Majesty taken possession of several places upon this coast, I now once more hoisted the English Coulers and in the name of His Majesty took possession of the whole Eastern Coast by the name New South Wales', [ see file GNB4841 for further details].
History:   See file GNB4841 for details
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