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Place name search

Search for a place name or geographic feature in the Geographical Name Register (GNR) of NSW and locate its designation, status, local government area and other related details.

You can save all the results for your search in Excel. Alternatively, you can download every record in the GNR database.

Enter your search details or see below for more information on search criteria.


How to enter details

In the placename field, enter only the simple name component with no descriptive elements related to the placename. That is, if you are searching for 'Mount Kosciuszko', just enter the word Kosciuszko.

References to 'old' LGA names, topographic maps and parishes occur in the database because the geographical features were originally gazetted against these old names.

Larger features such as rivers, national parks, etc. may span multiple LGAs, maps and parishes. The values of these attributes stored against a feature were considered significant to the feature at time of gazettal.

If you are unsure which LGA, map or parish you are looking for, it may be useful to perform a place name search for a known feature within the area and then use the LGA, map or parish name shown on the resulting extract as the basis for your search.

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