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Current Enhancement Project

We recognise the importance of continually improving our systems to enhance user experience. A number of improvements have been identified and developed for the NSW Place and Road Name Proposal System (Proposal System).

New features and functionality now available:

  • Ability to re-gazette roads – or any road name proposed and gazetted in the NSW Place and Road Naming Proposal System (or NORNS), road naming authorities can now update a gazette notice. This is to allow for the extent of an existing road name to be changed, not to correct an error. Any errors on an existing gazette are still to be corrected as an erratum, and not using the re-gazette function.
  • Temporal LGA data – Users can view and search on the current LGA name and the LGA name at time of gazettal for a place name.
  • Audit history of a proposal – Users can access the full audit history of a place and road name proposal.
  • Phonetic matching for road names – Inbuilt smarts to identify duplicate or similar sounding road names.
  • Road name duplication check by radius – Users draw the extent of a new road on a map, and the system will determine if there are any duplicate or similar sounding words within the given radius.

The enhancement project has come to an end, but we have saved the best for last! A quick how to guide on the road name check by radius is available here.

We would love to hear any feedback you may have on the NSW Place and Road Name Proposal System. Please send your thoughts and comments through to



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