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Current Enhancement Project

We recognise the importance of continually improving our systems to enhance user experience. A number of improvements have been identified for the NSW Place and Road Naming Proposal System (Proposal System) and are currently being developed. You will start to see these enhancements available in the Proposal System over the remainder of the year.

New features and functionality now available:

  • Bulk submissions of road name proposals – Users can now upload a bulk list of up to 50 road name proposals at a single time.
  • Notification of Surveyor General’s decision for road name appeals – Users are now notified when the Surveyor General makes a decision on an appealed road name proposal, including comments regarding the decision.
  • Ability to attach additional supporting documentation to place name proposals – Users can now attach information that supports the proposal (such as council minutes or reports), that are not necessarily about the name, which provides evidence of support for the place name proposal.
  • Ability to publish an erratum – Users can now publish an erratum through the system when an error has been made on a gazette notice.
  • Daily digest for road name proposals – Relevant Parties will now receive updates on new road name proposals on a daily basis. This replaces the weekly notification and reduces the proposal timeline.

Upcoming enhancements:

  • Audit history of proposals
  • Enhanced searching functionality of legacy data
  • Road name duplication check by radius

The enhancement project is wrapping up at the end of the year. We would love to hear any feedback you may have on the NSW Place and Road Name Proposal System. Please send your thoughts and comments through to



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