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Annual reports

2014/15 Annual report

The Geographical Names Board compiles an annual report each year. These publications can be downloaded or are available by contacting the Board's office.

The 2014/15 report is available on the Finance and Services website as Annual Report Part 1 - Related entities' reports (PDF 1.4 MB)

Previous reports

2013/14 Anual Report Section 2 - Related entities (PDF 5.62 MB)

2012/13 Annual Report Section 4 - Related entities (PDF 5.98 MB)

2011/12 Annual Report Sections 6 and 7a - Related entities (PDF 380.0 KB)

2010/11 Annual Report NSW Department of Finance and Services (PDF 3.5 MB)


Published in Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) Annual Reports

Annual Report 2009/2010 Complete (PDF 7.2 MB)


Published in NSW Department of Lands Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008/2009 (PDF 10.4 MB)

Annual Report 2007/2008 (PDF 517 KB)

Annual Report 2006/2007 (PDF 399 KB)

Annual Report 2005/2006 (PDF 130 KB)

The 2004 and 2005 Reports of the Surveyor General have been extracted from NSW Department of Lands Annual Reports.

Report of the Surveyor General 2004/2005 (PDF 67 KB)

Report of the Surveyor General 2003/2004 (PDF 48 KB)

Annual Report 2002/2003 (PDF 1.7 MB)

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