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27th May 2019
Reference:   7039
Placename:   Boggabri
Designation:   Town
Status:   Assigned 11th November 1966
LGA:   Narrabri
Approx. AGD66 Lat:   -30 43 00
Approx. AGD66 Long:   150 02 00
Approx. GDA94 Lat:   -30 42 54
Approx. GDA94 Long:   150 02 04
Topographic Map:   Boggabri
1:100000 Map:   Boggabri 8936
Parish:   Boggabri
County:   Pottinger
Description:   A town on the Namoi River, about 38 km NW of Gunnedah.
Meaning:   An aboriginal word signifying:- 1. 'Place of creeks' (Tyrrell) 2. 'Emu with young' (McCarthy) * Also: name of a herb. (Anthropological Society of Australasia 1899) Also:From Kamilaroi 'bagaaybaraay' for 'creeks'.(Appleton,1992).
Origin:   Earliest reference to the name on Licence to Depasture Crown Lands beyond the limits of location (Archives office 4/93):- Colonial ) No 40/287 Treasurer- ) Date 25th August, 1840. Depasturing ) Name. John Panton Esqr. and Trustee *
History:   The name appears to have undergone several changes from its earliest known use in 1840 (vide above). The depasturing licence issued to John Panton on 30th Sept. 1843 (Archives Office, 4/100) records the *
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