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25th May 2019
Reference:   13772
Placename:   Cookardinia
Designation:   Parish
Status:   Assigned 10th June 1977
GNB File:   GNB268
LGA:   Greater Hume
Approx. AGD66 Lat:   -35 36 00
Approx. AGD66 Long:   147 15 00
Approx. GDA94 Lat:   -35 35 54
Approx. GDA94 Long:   147 15 04
Topographic Map:   Nest Hill
1:100000 Map:   Holbrook 8326
Parish:   Cookardinia
County:   Goulburn
Description:   A lands administrative division.
Meaning:   Said to be an aboriginal word meaning the place of the giant Kingfisher.
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