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Locality proposal

Proposal to Amend Locality Boundaries - Mosman


Notice of Proposal to Amend Locality Boundaries
Within the Mosman Local Government Area

PURSUANT to the provisions of Section 8 of the Geographical Names Act, 1966, the Geographical Names Board hereby notifies that it proposes to amend address locality boundaries in the Mosman Local Government Area to enable the creation of four new address localities to be called Balmoral Beach, Beauty Point, Clifton Gardens and Mosman Bay as shown on map GNB3533-1-B.

Copies of map GNB3533-1-B may be viewed at Council Civic Centre - Mosman Square, Spit Junction and the Mosman Library from Thursday 17th October 2013 until Monday 18th November 2013.

A copy of Map GNB3533-1-B will also be on display at the office of the Geographical Names Board, 346 Panorama Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795 during the above dates. This proposal may also be viewed and submissions lodged on the Geographical Names Board web site at

Any person wishing to make comment upon this proposal may within one (1) month of the date of this notice contact the Secretary of the Board with that comment.

In accordance with section 9 of the Geographical Names Act 1966 all submissions lodged may be subject to a freedom of information application and may be viewed by a third party to assist the Board in considering this proposal.


Geographical Names Board
PO Box 143
Kevin Richards
Acting Secretary


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