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Current proposals

The Geographical Names Board is seeking community comment on the proposals below.

By selecting the relevant proposal you can:

  • view details of the proposal
  • download a map of the locality proposal area and
  • lodge your submission online.

Naming Proposals
Elsie Wearn Park
    LGA:   Willoughby Publication Date:   February 9, 2017
  GNB File:   5863 Closing Date:   March 10, 2017
Maybury Peace Park
    LGA:   Cessnock Publication Date:   February 15, 2017
  GNB File:   5857 Closing Date:   March 15, 2017
Robyn Kemmis Reserve
    LGA:   Sydney Publication Date:   February 7, 2017
  GNB File:   5867 Closing Date:   March 10, 2017
Willowdale Park
    LGA:   Campbelltown Publication Date:   February 8, 2017
  GNB File:   5865 Closing Date:   March 8, 2017
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