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NSW Addressing Committee

The NSW Addressing Committee was established under the NSW Geographical Names Board to support a streamlined and centralised approach to addressing in NSW.

The committee comprises addressing expertise from across several domains in Spatial Services including Addressing Applications, Topography, Cadastral, Data Delivery and the GNB secretariat. Other expertise are called upon to deal with other specialist areas as required.

The committee is in place to support the addressing process in NSW and is a particular resource of expertise and guidance for local government. The committee operates within the framework of the NSW Address Policy, The NSW Addressing Guidelines and the NSW Retrospective Address Policy.

The role of the NSW Addressing Committee is to:

  • Provide expert advice on addressing activities to the Board.
  • Manage address issues and technical queries from address producers, aggregators, distributors and users.
  • Act as the communication hub for addressing activities including system registration, training and support and promotion of the NSW Address Policy and NSW Addressing User Manual.
  • Update and maintain the NSW Address Policy and NSW Addressing User Manual including measuring and monitoring the success and relevance of Policy.
  • Support Spatial Services in the:
    • Update and maintenance of address information.
    • Quality assurance of address information.
    • Update and maintenance of address related systems.

The committee will ensure:

  • Best practice management of addressing activities.
  • Facilitation of appropriate and timely decision making by the Board.

The NSW Addressing Committee asks that you support your council in the establishment of correct addressing, and adopt the addresses or address change that council may be implementing for your address or property, or for other addresses and locations within your area.

Should you want to find out more about the NSW Address Program and how it may be able to assist with your address requirements, please contact the NSW Addressing Committee.


T: +61 2 6332 8070

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