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GNB members

Members are appointed to the Board in accordance with the provisions set out in Section 3 of the Geographical Names Act 1966. The Act allows for a total of nine members, four of which are those people who hold the office of, or are a respective nominee of:

  • the Surveyor General of NSW
  • the Director General of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure
  • the State Librarian and
  • an officer of the Land and Property Information (LPI) nominated by the General Manager of LPI.

The remaining five positions are nominated by:

  • the governing bodies of the Local Government Association of New South Wales and the Shires Association of New South Wales (joint nomination)
  • the governing body of the Royal Australian Historical Society
  • the governing body of the Geographical Society of New South Wales
  • the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
  • the Chairperson of the Community Relations Commission.

These members are appointed by the Governor and hold office for a period not longer than five years. They are also eligible for re-appointment after the completion of their respective term.

Current Board

The following people are appointed as Board members or attend Board meetings as at 30 January 2015.

Members Representative organisation
Mr Des Mooney - Chairman Surveyor General of NSW
Mr Paul Harcombe Deputy Surveyor General of NSW, Land and Property Information
Dr Emma Power Geographical Society of New South Wales
Mr Richard Neville State Library
Cr Julie Hegarty Local Government NSW
Mr Felice Montrone OAM Multicultural NSW (formerly Community Relations Commission)
Dr Terry Kass Royal Australian Historical Society
Mr Marcus Ray Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Mr Phil Duncan NSW Aboriginal Land Council


Counsellors Advising area
Dr Peter Orlovich Historical issues
Dr Jakelin Troy Language issues
Ms Julie Christie Addressing issues
Mr Graham Chapman Emergency Services
Mr Stephen Albin Development Issues
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